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L’Emission de télévision (Michel Vinaver), 2010


Written in 1988, the play has much contemporary relevance. Blache and Delile, made redundant as middle managers in the same paper factory in Orleans, are contacted by two young female journalists whose task it is to recruit possible participants in a reality TV show about unemployment for the over 50s. But only one will be chosen and become a star for one night. A few days before the programme, Blache is murdered. A magistrate investigates, but is anything he or his suspects say ‘the whole truth’?

Sharp observation of character and language, plus fast-paced and witty intercutting of scenes, made this an accessible and fascinating evening.


Cast - 

Hubert Phélypeaux - Erwann Limon

Mademoiselle Belot - Tatiana Peneveyre

Pierre Delile - Alain Wolf

Rose Delile - Dani Limon

Adèle Grandjouan - Georgie Ruddle

Béatrice Lefeuve - Claudine Tourniaire              

Nicolas Blache - Roger Baines

Caroline Blache - Alexandra Coyne

Paul Delile - Ben Engel

Jacky Niel - Neera Shah*

*Due to illness Annie Stevens was unable to play this role into which she had put a lot of excellent work, so special thanks to Annie, and to Neera for stepping in so well at short notice.


Director - Ralph Yarrow

Lighting - Andy Lavelle

Sound - Mark Dominy

Props - Neera Shah

Thanks to: Jon Hyde, Rob Little, Laura Curd, The Sewell Barn Theatre, Bricomarket, Ian Bishop, Ed Yelland, Ruth Sandell, Charlotte Silver, Emma McCluskey, Jess Abidde, Olive Merrill, Alice Wright, George Chandler, Darius Paritus,  Matthieu Perez, and Thomas Monument and Ronaldo’s.

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