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Le Bourgeois gentilhomme (Molière), 2011


Le Bourgeois gentilhomme was commissioned by King Louis XIV in 1670 as a comédie –ballet with a Turkish theme. It is the most famous of Molière and Lully’s combinations of theatre, music and dance. The play is a sharp satire on the social pretensions of Parisian nouveaux-riches. Monsieur Jourdain wishes to acquire the social skills commensurate with his wealth; he employs a number of tutors for this purpose. In his efforts to obtain the favour of a marquise he enlists the help of Dorante, an unscrupulous aristocratic parasite. Monsieur Jourdain refuses snobbishly to allow his daughter Lucile to marry Cléonte because he is not a nobleman, until a charade is organized by Cléonte's servant Covielle in which Cléonte, disguised as the son of the ‘Grand Turc’, marries Lucile, and Monsieur Jourdain is created a ‘mamamouchi’, or Turkish nobleman, in a humiliating ceremony. The play was very popular in Molière's day.




Cast -

Monsieur Jourdain – Erwann Limon

Madame Jourdain – Dani Limon

Lucile – Zoe Robinson

Nicole – Claudine Tourniaire

Cléonte – Tony Conway

Covielle- Sadiq Richardson

Dorimène – Cyrielle Panigot

Dorante – Dorian Fraizy

Maître de musique – Tom Monument

Maître à danser – Maria Kivinen

Maître d’armes – Nathalie Kail

Maître de philosophie – Ilse Van der Velden

Maître tailleur – Amélie Bazin

Garçon tailleur – Beryl Sims

Laquais – Jack Beven, Zoe Robinson

Danseurs – Dorian Fraizy, Cyrielle Panigot, Sadiq Richardson, Claudine Tourniaire

Musiciens – Suzie, Bobby & Tom Hanna; Jon Clarke


Director – Ralph Yarrow

Stage manager – Fiona Faulds

Lighting operators – John Chapman, Andy Lavelle

Poster – Tony Conway

Set – Joni Smith

Artwork – Elise Limon

Seamstress – Angela Hibbert

Programme – Tony Conway, Claudine Tourniaire

Front of house – Polly Grice, Lucy Harford, Angela Hibbert, Laura McGilligan, Krista Reddey, Charlotte Silver, Annabelle Stevens

Thanks to Laura Curd, Jon Hyde, Dani Limon, Rob Little, James Sawrey-Cookson




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