Sacré Théâtre


Sacré Théâtre Qu’est-Ce Que C’est?


Sacré Théâtre is the longest-running permanent French language theatre company in the UK. The company’s cast is comprised of staff and students, principally from the University of East Anglia’s French language courses plus associated members. The opportunity for students to develop their linguistic skills and confidence in a French-Speaking environment in partnership with staff, from the initial read-throughs to public performances, is a tremendously valuable one. We are fortunate to have built up a loyal following of francophiles and francophones in the region.We perform every year at the UEA Drama Studio, usually in late March and can provide discounts for school groups.

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Sacré Théâtre is the name under which the company has been performing since 1999. French productions prior to 1999 included BITM & Riff de Daniel Limon, Fin de Partie de Beckett, Les bonnes de Genet, La Machine infernale de Cocteau, Victor de Vitrac, Kean de Sartre, Huis Clos de Sartre, Jacques ou la soumission d’Ionesco, La Dernière bande de Beckett, Portrait d’une femme de Vinaver, and La Cantatrice chauved’Ionesco.  

The history of French language productions at UEA dates back to the late 1960s/early 1970s. The tradition of French theatre at UEA was matched by a similarly strong programme of staff-student German theatre, led by Gordon Turner, which started with a production in 1971 and offered a wide repertoire of plays for over 20 years ranging from across the 18th (Lessing), 19th (Büchner and Austrian Volkstheater),  and 20th centuries (Dürrenmatt, Brecht, Horváth) as well as revues and Kabarett.