Sacré Théâtre

Ubu: la Grande Bouffe - 2015

Alfred Jarry’s notorious riot-provoking early absurdist lampoon,Ubu Roi, presents an arch-acquisitor who ingests all he can lay his hands on, egged on by his equally voracious and bloodthirsty wife.

The ideafor this production was to frame Jarry’s play in a contemporary context by interspersing mundane “café” conversations between people from the world of business or politics, all of which explore the themes of power and greed which are central to Ubu roi. Yet another layer is provided, at strategic points, by four extracts from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Julius Caesar and Hamlet, underlining Jarry’s implicit references to these plays. Cartoon graphics and raw music and sound effects from our musicians launched this extravaganza into the Norfolk night.

Cast -

Cast -

Père Ubu 1 – Chris Rose

Père Ubu 2 – Roger Baines

Père Ubu 3 – Tom Monument

Mère Ubu 1 – Margot Terrini

Mère Ubu 2 – Dani Limon

Mère Ubu 3 – Claudine Tourniaire

Capitaine Bordure – Tim Tracey

Le RoiVenceslas – Ralph Yarrow

La Reine Rosemonde – Coralie Bastiaens

Bougrelas – Ilona Brintio

L’empereur Alexis – Sarah Niahoua

L’ombre – Claudine Tourniaire

Soldats d’Ubu – Chris Rose, Qian Ma

Soldats de Bordure – Penny Newman, Hannah Fitch

Paysans – Penny Newman, Hannah Fitch

Le greffier – Sarah Niahoua

Le commandant – Sarah Niahoua

Framing scenes – Roger Baines, Claire Cuminatto, Dani Limon, Tom Monument, Chris Rose, Margot Terrini, Claudine Tourniaire

Shakespeare scenes – Claire Cuminatto, Dani Limon, Tom Monument, Claudine Tourniaire

 Director - Ralph Yarrow

Director - Ralph Yarrow