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Tueur sans gages (Eugène Ionesco), 2000


An unknown assassin stalks the City of Light, threatening to destroy Bérenger’s vision of order and harmony. Who or what is this menacing force and when will it strike next?

Ionesco was always haunted both by an intangible sense of the hope of perfection and by ‘le soleil noir de la mélancolie’. Will the Architect’s City or Mother Pipe’s Green Goose Party deliver, or are all such structures inherently deadly?

The ideal, the surreal, the absurd and the banal interfere with each other in this condensed version.




Cast - 

Bérenger - Roger Baines

L’Architecte - Claudine Tourniaire

Dany/La Factrice - Sophie Delena

La Patronne/L’Agent no.1 - Sophie Gerlach

Le Clochard/M. Lelard - Paul Vines

La Concierge/La Mère Pipe - Dani Limon

L’Homme no 1/Le Soldat - Carl Lavery

Edouard - Fred Dalmasso

Le Vieillard - Vincent Capet

L’Agent no.2 - Philippe Oster

Le Tueur - Nola Merckel

Mise en scène - Ralph Yarrow

Son et Lumières - Dom Savage

Affiche - Melanie Lavery

Réalisation du film - Mathieu Ripka


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PlaysJason Baldry