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Le Balcon (Jean Genet), 1999


On February 25-27 1999 Sacré Théâtre presented Genet’s extraordinary and extravagant revelation of the deadly fiction of image and role. Le Balcon plays out, in a brothel, the onanism of masculine fantasies of power, supervised by the arch-Foucauldian madame, Irma; ‘outside’, the Revolution approaches, avidly constructing its own figureheads. This production offered a rare chance to see Genet in French in the UK; whilst the text was cut to under 2 hours playing time, it retained Genet’s flexibility and power, and brought out the rich and satirical humour of the piece. The production was directed by Ralph Yarrow, who has acted and directed in most previous UEA French-language productions; it featured Dani Limon, equally central to the strong UEA French theatre tradition, as Irma, supported by both staff and students of both French and Drama at UEA. One of the driving forces in this Sacré Théâtre production was its cast which included both amateur and experienced actors many of whom were members of the teaching faculty.




Cast -

Dani Limon – Irma

Philippe Oster – Le Chef de la Police

Gordon Turner – L’Evêque

Richard Hibbitt – Le Juge

Ralph Yarrow – Le Général

Claudine Tourniaire – Carmen

Roger Baines – Le Bourreau/Arthur et L’Envoyé de la Cour

Dom Savage – Roger

Jo Dorricott – Chantal

Cat Mcneil – La Fille

Alex Santoro – La Femme et La Voleuse

Thomas Anel – Le Photographe

Carl Lavery – Le Mendiant


Mise-en-scène, direction, réalisation - Ralph Yarrow

Assistant à la direction - Carl Lavery

Conseiller à la direction - Daniel Limon

Lumières - Luke Tudball

Sonorités - Dom Savage, John Landymore

Menuisierie d'art - Melanie Lavery

Maquillage - Joanne Dorricott, Hayley Furnell, Nola Merckel

Opérateurs - Luke Tudball, James Kloda

Cliches et liaisons - Philippe Oster

Souffleuse - Anne-Do Plaud

PlaysJason Baldry