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Studio Updates —

The Birthday Party (Harold Pinter), 2002


This has been, to date,  our only Englsh-language production.

I defy anyone to provide a definitive reading of The Birthday Party. Who can say what it’s about? For that reason, I will stick to basics. The play’s plot concentrates on the stand off, in Meg and Petey’s guesthouse, between a depressed pianist (if that’s what he really is!), and two mysterious visitors who arrive, unexpectedly, on his birthday. From this deceptively simple narrative, questions of an existential, political and theological nature arise. Sacré Théatre specialise in theatre on the edge. In Pinter’s world, cornflakes, fried bread and dry toast crunch in emptiness, and the maintenance of history and an identity is a desperate deception. There’s plenty of party spirit, but can Stanley’s glasses be mended with sellotape and why does Goldberg need a blow? Much has been written about the relationship between theatre and sacrifice. We hear little, however, about those who allow the ‘sacrifice’ to take place: the ‘behind the scenes people’.  I’d like to take this chance to thank families, partners, and colleagues who have supported us. Carl Lavery




Cast - 

Pete - Carl Lavery

Meg - Doreen Aitken

Stanley - Roger Baines

Lulu - Karen Cheung

Goldberg - Ralph Yarrow   

McCann- Tim Tracey



Director - Carl Lavery

Lighting and sound - Manuela Perteghella

Stage manager and set - Manuela Perteghella

Poster design - Melanie Lavery

Publicity - Manuela Perteghella, Melanie Lavery

Make-up - Nola Merckel







Thanks to: Rob Little, Gez D’Arcy and Jon Hyde from the UEA Drama Studio ;  James Kloda, Chad Mason, Harriet Plewis, David Cook, Will Hollinshead, Claire Waffel and Spyridon Georgiadis for ushering ;  Stuart Aitken for the posters ; Mrs. Meg Boles; European Metal Recycling Ltd., Dereham Rd.;  Moda, Toys At Ninety-One, The Lighthouse Gallery, all Upper St. Giles Street ; The Big C Appeal Shop, Timber Hill ; The Maddermarket Theatre ; and Val Baker from the Students’ Union.


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