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Haut les mains! Le Barillet and Dissident, ça va sans dire, 2001


Jean-Pierre Pelaez’s ‘Le Barillet’ is a collection of dramatic variations on a theme, it is a satire of violence and of contemporary society while, at the same time, constituting an ironic adaptation of different dramatic styles and genres. Two collections of 'Le Barillet' have been published, and Pelaez's work has been performed across France, as well as adapted for both Swiss and Belgian radio productions. He lives in the South of France where he divides his time between his profession as a teacher and writing plays. The third volume of  ‘Le Barillet’ will be published shortly.

Michel Vinaver is at the forefront of new French writing for the stage; his texts explore the interface between repression and expression through dialogue which charts the ellipses and interruptions of everyday conversation, represented on the page by an almost total absence of punctuation as well as the apparent disruption of logical sequence. His Portrait d'Une Femme was produced three times in England in 1995 - twice in French, at Royal Holloway College and UEA, and in English at the Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond.


Cast - 

Le Barillet - de Jean Pierre Pelaez 

Enseignant - Bonita de Boer, Vedia Halil 

Tragédie Classique - Dani Limon, Claudine Tourniaire

Mondain - Tim Oliphant, Heather Caddy 

Périlleux - Roger Baines, Ralph Yarrow

Porno Hard - Tim Oliphant, Clare Jenkinson

Recherche - Claudine Tourniaire, Caroline Shawcross 

Revendicatif - Gordon Turner + choeur de mécontents

 Dissident, ça va sans dire - de Michel Vinaver 

Hélène - Dani Limon

Philippe - Roger Baines


Mise en scène, Lumières - Ralph Yarrow

Nous voudrions remercier Ash Verjee, Jon Hyde, Fred Dalmasso, Matt Tomlin, Franziska Klopfer, Oliver Horsfall, Caroline Sinclair, Jan Ruup, François Landry

PlaysJason Baldry