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Le bal des voleurs (Jean Anouilh), 2017


For this performance, we revisited Jean Anouilh, this time with Le Bal des Voleurs, a romantic comedy that recognizes the absurdity of life, and the first play by Anouilh to be a hit in New York when presented Off-Broadway in 1955. Rich Lady Hurf and her sassy nieces Eva and Juliette are bored by the 1930s summer season at Vichy, but the arrival of some rather dishy young men and the quizzical commentary provided by a period musical trio (Les Trois Moustiquaires) livens things up. Further spice is added by revelations that the boys are apprentice thieves in multiple disguises under the tutorship of the conscientious but inept Peterbono; Lady Hurf appears to accept his subsequent appearance as a Spanish duke, whereas she roundly rebuffs the equally inept attempts by failing bankers the Dupont-Duforts (father-and-son) to get in on the chase for the girls and their money. Silly wigs, fake facial hair and the determination of anglophile Lord Edgard to involve Scotland Yard in confirming his suspicions lead to further complications; a touch of true romance and some wry glances at its more usual failings leave us guessing as to what is real and what is illusion in this most theatrical of romps.


Cast -

Hector / don Hector – Luke Evans

Eva – Katy Wright

Le crieur public – Ralph Yarrow

La chaisière / Peterbono / le duc de Miraflor – Claudine Tourniaire

La jeune fille / Gustave / dom Petrus / don Pedro – Jack Waterman

Les gendarmes – Charli Corrigan, Amie Marie, Jess Slater

Juliette – Isla Rae-Smith

Lady Hurf – Dani Limon

Lord Edgard- Roger Baines

Dupont-Dufort père – Charlotte Incardona

Dupont-Dufort fils – Liam-Antoine de Busschère

La petite fille/ le détective – Grace Appleby


Musicians – Suzie and Bobby Hanna; Dr Nick Johns

Direction and design – Ralph Yarrow

Production manager – Claudine Tourniaire

Choreography – Gordon Turner

Production assistants – Ghalia Hemrit, Anne Untereiner

Publicity and schools liaison – Roger Baines, Claudine Tourniaire

Lighting operator – Valerie Smith

Costumes – Ralph Yarrow, Claudine Tourniaire, Anne Giles / Sewell Barn

Poster – Alice Evans

Transport / logistics – Tim Tracey

Front of house –  Flora Abd Rabo, Ashley Bourke, Claire Cuminatto-Stone, Judith Rodriguez-Rodriguez, Anne Untereiner, Yuan Xin EE

Programme – Claudine Tourniaire

Filming – Matt North

Photography - Ilse Renaudie, Kit Young, Roger Baines

Thanks to Scott Brown, Rob Little, Chad Mason, Tom Francis


PlaysJason Baldry