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Knock ou le triomphe de la médécine (Jules Romains) 2018


Sacré Théâtre’s take on J.Romains' comic satire about the invasion of a sleepy French village by modern medicine, with the arrival of a certain Dr Knock. Dr. Knock turns health into big business with the help of a relativistic philosophy that provides intellectual justification for sending almost everyone to bed.


Cast -

Le Dr Parpalaid – Nick Caistor

Knock – Claudine Tourniaire

Mme Parpalaid – Katy Wright

Jean – Mike Bernadin

Le Tambour – Ilse Renaudie

L’instituteur/trice Bernard – Wendy Smith

Le pharmacien Mousquet – Chiara De Cicco

La dame en noir – Ella Finch

La dame en violet – Roger Baines

Mariette – Renee Greewood

Les deux gars du village – Carol Waleed Fathi Abdelmonem, Chloë Hayward

Madame Rémy – Claire Cuminatto

Scipion – Mike Bernardin


Direction and design – Ralph Yarrow

Production manager – Claudine Tourniaire

Publicity and schools liaison – Roger Baines, Kim Ridealgh, Claudine Tourniaire

Website – Roger Baines

Set building – Paul Stimson, Roger Baines, Ilse Renaudie, Wendy Smith

Lighting and sound operator – Charlie Douglas, Marguerite Vernet

Costumes – Ralph Yarrow, Claudine Tourniaire, Anne Giles / Sewell Barn

Make up – Renée Greenwood

Poster – Suzie Hanna

Programme – Claudine Tourniaire

Photo – Charley Hawthorne, Andi Sapey

Filming – Bert Eke

Front of house –  Maria Clavijo Hernandez, Samantha Farzad, Corentin Guichard, Ruadhan Harle, Bénédicte Rebouillat, Audrey Robert, Dan Soper

Thanks to Tim Lawrence-Cave, Chad Mason, Fran Moore, Rob Little



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