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Infidèles : Promenades (Noëlle Renaude) and Le Système Ribadier (Georges Feydeau), 2016


Two perspectives on the classic French theme of infidelity: Renaude’s sparse, wry unravelling of conflict and complication is juxtaposed with Feydeau’s frenetic vaudeville business of cover-up and disclosure. 

Promenades (Noëlle Renaude) follows the fall (and rise?) of Parisian businessman Bob, from a life of extramarital escapades to solitude and a mysterious beyond. Le Système Ribadier sees Eugène Ribadier's serial infidelity, enabled by the system of hypnotism he uses on his wife Angèle, uncovered by a lovelorn Aristide Thommereux with farcical consequences involving Ribadier's lover's cuckold Savinet.



Promenades (Noëlle Renaude)


Promenades / Cast -

Le narrateur – Dani Limon

Bob – Victor Sage

Pat – Adriana Capadose

Jim – Jonathan Hendry

Passants – Lucile Soudier, Claudine Tourniaire, Victoria Webb, Jess Slater, Cecilia Bromley-Martin

Marie-Claire – Amy Jayne Conley

Une passante – Victoria Webb

Tom – Jack Waterman

Bess – Claudine Tourniaire

Matt – Lucile Soudier

Les Claude – Cecilia Bromley-Martin, Jess Slater

L’aïeule – Francesca Montemagno, Claudine Tourniaire

Les gros – Chiara De Sico, Orla Condra, Ewa Garbarz, Victoria Webb

Le couple âgé – Jess Slater, Cecilia Bromley-Martin


Le Système Ribadier (Georges Feydeau)




Le Système Ribadier / Cast -

Sophie (la bonne) - Lucile Soudier

Gusman (le cocher) - Keith Bradley

Eugene Ribadier - Chris Rose

Angele Ribadier - Claire Cuminatto

Aristide Thommereux - Roger Baines

Savinet - Stefano Pollard



Musicians – The Red Herrings

Direction and set design – Ralph Yarrow

Lighting design – Ralph Yarrow, Emily Wylie

Lighting operator – Emily Wylie

Poster – Ross Ranger

Programme and synopses – Roger Baines, Claire Cuminatto, Claudine Tourniaire

Costumes – Anne Giles (Sewell Barn), Adriana Capadose

Stage management and props – Florence Oates, Theo Smith

Technical assistance – Chad Mason, Emily Wylie

Front of house –  Simbi Anzaya, Kelsey Frick, Jennifer Karlsson, Isabel Morgan, Penny Newman, Eliza Piano, Bénédicte Rebouillat,  Maximilian Szyc

Filming – Matthew Barwick

Photography – Ilse Renaudie

Production manager – Claudine Tourniaire

PlaysJason Baldry