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Un chapeau de paille d’Italie - 2014

Written in 1851, Eugène Labiche’s vaudeville, Un Chapeau de paille d’Italie, was immediately successful and has been revived many times, often adapted to a more modern era. Largely intended as entertainment, it also depicts the “petite bourgeoisie” of its day, and much of this (concerns over money and moral hypocrisy, for example) remains relevant. However, the plot consists of a string of misunderstandings and breathless chases verging on the absurd.

This is Fadinard’s wedding day. He is to marry Hélène, the pretty daughter of Nonancourt, a country nurseryman (“pépiniériste”), a class somewhat below his own.  Early that morning, as Fadinard was riding through a wood, his horse ate a straw hat belonging to Anaïs (married to Beauperthuis) who was secretly meeting her lover, Emile. The consequences of the horse’s greed are about to unfold

Cast -

Cast -

Virginie – Claire Cuminatto

Félix – Thomas Monument

Vézinet – Gordon Turner

Fadinard – Erwann Limon

Anaïs – Adriana Hunter

Emile – Stefano Pollard

Nonancourt – Vanessa Bonnet

Hélène – Casey Drabble

Bobin – Jack Nelson

Clara – Claudine Tourniaire

Tardiveau – Chris Rose

Achille de Rosalba – Nerea Rosa Barros

La baronne – Dani Limon

Le domestique – Nadine Rieser

La bonne – Pema Clark

Beauperthuis – Roger Baines

Le caporal – Nerea Rosa Barros

Une dame – Jess Slater

Un monsieur – Francesca Montemagno

Wedding party and baronne’s guests: Roger Baines, Pema Clark, Claire Cuminatto, Adriana Hunter, Francesca Montemagno, Thomas Monument, Stefano Pollard, Nadine Rieser, Chris Rose, Jess Slater, Claudine Tourniaire, Gordon Turner, Victoria Webb

Crew -

Crew -

Musicians – Suzie and Bobby Hanna

Music arranged by – Suzie and Bobby Hanna, Erwann Limon, Gordon Turner

Musical direction – Erwann Limon, Gordon Turner

Choreography – Gordon Turner, Suzie Hanna

Flamenco dance – Nerea Rosa Barros

Direction – Ralph Yarrow, Erwann Limon

Sets, props – Thomas Monument, Adriana Hunter, Ralph Yarrow, Jack Nelson, Gerry Nelson

Poster – Joni Smith

Programme – Claudine Tourniaire

Costumes and make up – Adriana Hunter, Ralph Yarrow, the cast

Assistant Stage manager – Ceri Pollard

Lighting and sound operator – Emily Wylie

Frontof house –  Emily Davie, Catherine Fletcher, Elodie Forestier, Kelsey Frick, Sarah Henry, Jennifer Karlsson, Catherine Woolston

Filming – ChaoJiang Zhang, Chao Jiang

Photography – Kit Young

With Support From -

With Support From -

Scott Brown, Rob Little, Anne Giles, The Sewell Barn Theatre, The Norwich Youth Music Theatre, Chad Mason, Dani Limon, James Sawrey-Cookson